Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heat, Skeeters and Butterflies oh my!!!

Summer has finally arrived, and have become convinced that humans do not do much except whine about the weather, first it was too cool, then too wet and now it is too hot & humid. This along with the onslaught of super mosquitoes.. makes them whine even more. How would they feel if they had a heavy fur coat and the only way to cool off was to stick your tongue out?? They do not realize how lucky they are.

They are happy because the garden is growing, and the butterflies are here. Guess some bugs are ok, but others are not.

A butterfly in my garden...

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pop Quiz, try to pick out the touristas in Newport.. can you spot them (hint there are two)

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We went to the kite show in Newport...

Sundays have to be my most favorite day, because we usually do something today we went to Newport to see the Kite Show.. saw the biggest kitty of all time, but I ain't afraid. Saw some cool dogs and lots of kids a good time was had by all.

They were probably feeling all guilty, because last night they left me alone for a real long time, they said they went to a function for Commanche's mom.. when they got home they did not smell like Commanche.. did they lie???

Mom and me at the Kite Show, that is Portugal in the background...

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These are the biggest kitties, I have ever seen, but I ain't ascared..

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 days of sun..

then followed by a couple of days of torrential rain again, then some sun.. things are getting better. The adults are hoping that the garden will be less of a haven for slugs, at one time they called it the slug brunch. May try the beer thing..

As you can tell by my picture, I really loved 4th of July, lots of people, lots of kids.. everyone seemed happy, and most of all mooched like hell off of the part of the family who feel bad for me. I think that this is my most favorite holiday.. but the next day mom left to go kayaking in Maine. Auntie B takes me in the morning so I can hang with the Krewe De Ladd, but there is nothing quite like mom, but B is a very close second.. I love her so, and she makes me crazy.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Its like Thunder and lightning, this weather is frightening..

holy crap, it has been a real light show here for the past couple of days, big rain.. we have been able to walk with the Krewe de Ladd just about everymorning.. but then the heavens let loose.. I am not all that bothered by it, but my friend maggie, a black lab beauty, sleeps in the shower.. I just go to my little "den".. the rain bothers me more than the light and sound show.

The end result is more in time than outside time, of course there is whining is big time here.. ooh, woh is me.. and then the bush beans got crushed in the rain, oh the horrors..

Better knock on wood.. sorry Mr. Floyd for the messing with your lyrics..