Sunday, December 23, 2007

All Betta...

Well today is exactly 11 days from my life changing surgery, recuperation went well.. still jumped and ran around, they tried to keep my quiet, but failed miserably. I still want to hump stuff. Still sleep in the bedroom with the folks, which I really like, 'cause after Dad gets up in crawl in bed with Mom.

Yesterday, Dad was at work and Mom had to take a shower, I could not settle down and kept stealing things so she put me in my crate. When I was in there the oil burner went on and I nearly peed myself, started howling.. mom ran over and let me out. Did not like that.

It is Sunday, that means a new marrow bone for the Pats game..I don't mind football.

There is a new thing around my neck and if I hit the "red zone" and cannot calm down, then I feel a tingly thing around my neck. Not sure what all this is about, but I usually comply and get cookies, they pet me and tell me what a good dog I am. Mom and Dad say I am doing better and behaving better. Christmas is coming, not sure what that is all about, but so far sure smells good..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crazy eyes.. or now the Pats are 14-0

Mom really likes this picture, because she thinks it shows how crazy I really can be sometimes.. I like this picture, because they gave the stocking instead of having to steal it. Well folks, us Pats fans are now 14-0 and taking it one game at a time.. I can always tell it is Sunday or game time because dad wears his, "Belichick University T-Shirt", his BB hoodie and same grey hat with the NE Patriots on the front, mom wears her Patriots Sweatshirt.. I pretty much wear the same thing every game, and usually get a big marrow bone so I can keep quiet. It is really a dog's life.
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So many ornaments.. so little time.

So far am really liking this Christmas stuff, do not miss my testicles yet. It is so much fun, stealing stuff laying around and running from the adults, not sure what I like better a good christmas bow from a present or mom's new slippers??.. I can tell this is gonna be better than thanksgiving, just wait until the kids come over.
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's snowing and I can only watch...sad days

stupid surgery, I feel really good, but they keep telling me to take it easy and won't let me chase the birds or play in the snow.. I am about to go crazy, all they say is "take it easy Tedy" and I just can't calm down. What do they expect, my speed used to be really fast.. now they want it to be really slowwwwwww! I don't know if I can do ten days of this..

So much snow and I can't play, gonna drive these humans crazy.

Lost my puppyhood.. under the knife..

Well it happened, yesterday: I was neutered, made an it, lost my puppyhood.. mom dropped me off @ 8:00 AM and picked me up around 4:00 PM.. I was supposed to be quiet last night, but still wanted to play tug of war and rip up paper. I couldn't eat too much, we got up early today because I was whining from the pain so the day will be long.

Cannot run for 10 days, I am gonna drive these folks crazy.. they will be sorry for having done what they did.. payback is a.....

Should be alive and well for Christmas, I love christmas stockings and stealing ornaments from the tree.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Free at last or minimal cage time..

Good news, I no longer have to spend time in the cage at night. Mom and dad let me sleep on my bed in their room... so much better, cause I can get up and lick them after they get up to go to the bathroom. I also can keep my eye on them.. the cage is still here, though in case I hit the red zone when company comes.

Been a weird couple of days, little snow on Saturday and last night when dad and I went out to pee, there was some on the ground.. this is different, they think I am weird, because they say I am the only dog they have ever owned who looks to the sky.

I do not understand why they put a bird feeder out, another distraction for, now when I go out get to chase the birds.. what are birds good for any ways. I also spend a lot of time looking out the window to watch the squirrels.

The other night I went to Jimmy and Jean's house for dinner, spent some time with their shepard Commanche. Tried to hump him in the house, but when I got outside he kinda boxed me in and beat me up.. did not learn my lesson though, kept trying to mount him when we were inside. Mom and dad said it was the best I ever behaved while visiting, goody, goody maybe now I can come in when they go visiting.. not that I mind sleeping in the car.

They are starting to talk about me getting neutered, guess I have an appointment next week sometime, not sure what it is, but do not like the way it sounds.