Friday, November 23, 2007

Food Holidays and chewing the Bose Headphones...

First of all I now weigh 40.3 pounds, they say I am getting very tall, lean and strong.. I look great.

Yesterday was my favoritist holiday so far, got to go for a very long walk in the morning.. then they bribed me with dog food filled marrow bones and then I got a bunch of turkey leftovers. So far this is better than I could have ever imagined. The only problem was when we went for a walk I rolled in something very dead and got very stinky, and when I got home had to be given a bath outside.. which I hate and yelled like a banshee.. thank goodness it was 67 degrees.

I got in a lot of trouble the other day I was chewing on a wire, how did I know this wire connected to the Bose headphones... there was a lot of yelling and screaming about this one.

Dad and I just came in from throwing the ball, time for a snooze.. can raise hell later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Uh, Oh a new book.. worse than Cesar Milan..

Mom and dad have been having pretty continuous discussions about my biting and jumping, with a whole lot of yelling mixed in lately. Been spending some serious cage time alone also. Today they brought home a book about raising puppies the Monks of the New Skete way. Not sure how I feel about this, I should have at least been consulted.

They are doing some new stuff I do not like, when I bite they stick their finger down my throat and sometime grab my snout... do not like either of these things. No more tug of war stuff, either.. they said some crap about how that validates my biting. Anyways have to give them credit for trying, not sure I want to stop the biting stuff though.. will have to give this some serious thought. They have not figured out a way to stop me from stealing their shoes yet... I really like Dad's fluffy leather slippers..

I also turned 5 months yesterday, happy birthday to me..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Compulsion about stealing clothes..

The other day I was perseverating about the big blue tarp, but there has been something else more clandestine going on. Recently I have had a compulsion about stealing their clothes, I sneak in the bedroom and steal something or anything and bring it back to my bed. The other day I reached under the Bathroom door and dragged out a shirt of dad's. I don't do anything to the clothes, except steal it and then chew it. Somehow my rope and toys are not as satisfying.

Yesterday mom almost changed my name to, TedyI'mgonnakillyou, when I kept taking stuff when she was getting dressed. Sometimes she smiles, but yesterday her smile turned to a frown and she yelled at me big time. Clothes along with slippers are my newest inside items I like the most.. .keep trying to train these humans, but they are slow learners.. maybe I should send them to owner's obedience school.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Perseverating and the Big Blue Tarp

When dad came home from work last Wednesday, I was on the "short" leash in the yard because mom was raking and shaking her head. Dad thought it would be fun if I helped rake the leaves, whamo I got right into the "red zone", barking at the rake and leaves.. it was fun, but they started to get perturbed because I did not want to calm down. Then dad was dragging the big blue tarp into the woods, I took off like a bullet and tackled that bad tarp and hung on for dear life. Dad was laughing, mom was shaking her head and I was having the time of my life getting dragged by that tarp.

We did this for a couple of more times until we finished raking the back yard. I kept attacking that blue tarp and not sure who won as it got folded up. They kept talking about their other dog, Lakota, and said Lakota would be afraid of the tarp. Not me, blam gotta attack it again..and then get dragged on it by dad.

Yesterday went to Uncle Bob and Auntie Yvette's house, the Pats were off, so football was not that important, got into some trouble there as I wanted to jump on everyone and bite them. I got on the short leash again, but mom said I was making progress. All is well in Tedy B land.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Contemplating Erika as she enters her 30th year...

Had a few pensive moments last Sunday, as Erika had the anniversary of her 29th year and began her 30th.. the family came over, and I did not even enter the "red zone" or had to be put in my cage. Kinda a moral victory for me, there was a lot of food around, even some shrimp. They sang songs and lit fires on cakes, it was fun for all. Andre kept driving his new tractor, round and round.. he goes backward pretty fast. Devon does not like me any more, gotta figure this one out.

They left pretty early, because everyone wanted to watch football, I am beginning to like this sport more and more.. because, every time there is a good football game on, I get a nice new soupbone to gnaw on while they watch the game.

Mom and dad said I was growing up, but not sure about this though, cause being a puppy and aggravating adults is more fun than anything.

Friday, November 2, 2007


This is a strange thing, what is up with kids all dressed up in scary costumes coming to your door??.. do not get this at all. I got really, really, really excited when the neighbourhood kids, Matt and Michelle, came to the door.. so much so I wound up on the leash again. All night long as these trick or treat dudes and dudettes came to our house, I was on a short leash next to dad. They kept saying "calm down Tedy", but my brain gets all crazy when kids come by.. this was a very unusual day indeed.. I wish I did not have to be on the leash..