Thursday, November 27, 2008


It all started last night when Jimmy, Sabine and Alex came in and we all went to Grandma Jeannette's house. Today is the piece de resistance lots of food, lots of people.. started off the day with some turkey livers and kidneys mixed in my food.. it is going to be a very good day.

I have much to be thankful for; long walks, cookies, short walks, cookies, long rides, cookies, short rides, cookies, visiting, cookies.. I am also thankful to all my buds Gracie, Truman, Maggie, Fuzzy, Leo, Commanche and that ultimate babe Darcey... I am also thankful for the adults in my life who take care of me, who think they are in control, but really are not..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Am I being vetted for 1600 Penn. Ave.???

Guess they are getting ready to put a sign out front of 1600 Penn. Ave., help wanted nice dog, good with kids. That would be interesting now wouldn't it. To have the run of a house with 130 rooms, would prove interesting.. bet there are a lot of trash cans to raid. Big yard, roses to dig up and all kinds of dressed up people to jump on, lick and welcome. I think I would like Barack, Michelle and his kids.. they seem like nice folks, but they would probably bring in someone like Caesar(my archenemy) to make me behave better.

But on the other hand, if asked, will respectfully turn it down as like where I am, even though I have been spending a lot of time on the leash as my penchant for chasing deer has reached an all time high. The other day was gone for 45 minutes, cannot help this as it is the Saluki in me, the silent, visual hunter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ancestry Analysis, aka DNA Results... I'm a mutt

Wow, this was a shocker.. we all thought I was a goofy golden, but there ain't no golden in me. We got the Ancestry Analysis Certificate in the mail today.. it is interesting. Bear with me it is confusing, there are 4 levels:
Level 1 over 75% of the DNA is found in the breed listed.
Level 2 between 37 and 75% of the DNA is found in the breed listed.
Level 3 Between 20 and 36%
Level 4 between 10 and 20%
Level 5 never mind no level 5 in my DNA

So the results are as follows,
Level 2 Chinese Sharpei
Level 3 Rottweiler
Level 4 Labrador Retriever
Level 5 Saluki

My folks said holy crap at this, if my parents had any brains and computer savvy they would post what a Saluki looks like, and even though I am not that leggy or as fast, my ears and tail look like that breed. My tongue is similar to a Sharpei... but who would have thunk this. This is interesting, more will follow as we research and digest this report. The folks are saying they could understand my behavior before because I was a goofy golden.. but what fits now??? Who is my daddy?? Guess mom lied.. I am so confused... this has turned into quite a conundrum.

Some dogs do not like this stuff, but I do, does that make me strange?? leave the leaves alone!!!!

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Do you see what I see?? This stuff makes me crazy, if only they would let me chase the deer!!

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This deer came in the yard this morning to finish up the hydrangea's, they knew because I went crazy runnin from door to window, back and forth..

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