Saturday, October 25, 2008

Falling leaves..

guess that is why they call it fall, but this is another favorite time.. not sure if it is more favorite than other times, but it is a blast. First they go get the rake and I try to bite the rake.. then they rake the leaves, I get in the way, then when they make a pile I run through it.. they say they are mad, but they laugh everytime they say, "Tedy knock it off".

Then they get the blue tarp, and not sure why but that is crazy time.. first of all I run into the blue tarp and try to grab it and pull it out of their hands.. then when they put it down and get ready to put leaves in it I grab it and try to run away with it.. finally they put leaves in in it and try to drag it into the woods I jump on the tarp and go for a ride. Then we play tug of war back to the next pile of leaves..

This year I have discovered the leaf blower, love to chase and attack this also.. the wind blowing through my mouth and puffing out my cheeks is mad fun..

This leaf fall time of year, sure is a lot of fun..

Monday, October 20, 2008


not sure what this means, but mom & dad ordered a DNA kit in the mail.. they are going to figure out what kind of dog my dad was, hopefully. They think he was an australian shepard or something like that, because I "herd" a lot. They also think I focus too much on something, like a squirrel or rabbit.. they keep yelling at me to break my concentration. Sometimes I hear, but mostly I do not.

Got cold fast, love this time of year.. cool & dry. Last week I hurt my paw while chasing something in the woods, they tried to keep me quiet, yea good luck with that. They try to keep me quiet, I would much rather have a sore paw than just lay around.

Mom just got done reading "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle", she thinks I am a Sawtelle dog, because I am soo smart. She wants to take a picture of me and send it into Oprah.. good luck with that too. I do not like to pose for pictures, like to sniff the camera instead.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here is the proof..

After I wrote about my inability to help myself, there was a deer right outside near the neighbors car..this is all the proof I need, of all the places in the world the deer was about 50 feet away.. it is not my fault.. my folks went for the camera to prove it, but all in vain the deer boogied. All I am doing is what my genes tell me to do.. mom is now convinced that I am part australian sheperd or border collie, as once I zone in on another animal it is impossible to distract me.. deer should not come into the yard.

Can't help myself..

In the spring my thoughts turned to the all the new wildlife emerging from their long winter nap.. used to get into a lot of trouble then, but nothing can compare to what is going on now.. I am in deep doo doo...

Seems as though there has been an increase in wildlife out this time of year; deer, squirrels, rabbits and even cats. Before I go any further, want all to know I cannot help myself.

It has become more and more obvious that my senses are much better than humans..for example, sometimes I can spot a deer by just smelling, and when they open the door.. bamm!!! I am off into the woods, coming back about 15 minutes later panting like crazy. Sometimes when they are playing ball with me I see a cat or squirrel..bamm!!! I am off again, coming back a short time later.. sometimes I have mud on me. Yesterday when mom came back with Andre, I saw a cat, they did not .. when they let me out of the car..bamm!!! off again.. not amount of whistling can make me change my mind. I can't help myself..

None of this is my fault, if there were no distractions would not do it. They keep talking about a skunk, what do I know about a skunk and then they say it is only a matter of time. Our good and dear friends Charlie and Rae,said they see it coming also and have sent a special recipe for deskunking dogs..

All I know is that I am spending more time on the leash, and less time off.. I promise that I will not do it again.. or at least I will try a little bit. But I can't help myself..