Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Workin in the Garden...

We have been working in the garden, and I have been a big help. Mom does not want to tie me up, so she would prefer to look for me when I get distracted by the neighbor Gil, local cats and deer. Today when they tied me up, I took off and broke my collar. Quite a conundrum.

They are building something called raised beds, and I have been helping by biting at wheelbarrow tires, eating some dirt, grabbing the blue tarp and stealing stuff they are using. Yesterday I stole the twine twice and ran away with it. It is great fun to help them and cannot understand why they keep saying, "Teddy knock it off"...

The weather was real hot for a couple of days and I drooled a lot, but it has gotten cool again and this is much better for a long haired dog. The adults do not complain as much when the weather is cooler, there is nothing more aggravating than adults whining.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Wow!!! this is probably my least favorite holiday, no kids, no great food to beg for, I don't get this one. They keep saying how nice it was to have a day with nothing to do, nothing to do for Teddy is a bad day. We did go for a walk with the Krewe of Ladd, but other than some yard work on a very windy day it was a tad boring.

Things have quieted down for the adults, hear that Dad's nephew is doing better and he seems better. Mom has gotten back into her groove, and has not been doing as much running around.

I still get distracted occasionally by the deer, but they said I have been pretty good lately. They have a new though, when they take me out in the rain, at night or in bad weather to relieve myself they say I take too long and spend too much time sniffing around. Just when I thought I had them trained, they are getting confused. Guess they are confusing this goodness thing with weakness thing. I will have to show them, once again, who is in charge here.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Fools ?????

Not sure about this holiday, supposed to play tricks on people, but has been a downer week. Bailey's mom died, she was sick for a long time. Then Dad's nephew, Peter, was hit by a drunk driver, so he was in critical care in the hospital. I was alone quite a bit, but I did get to meet Aunty Corinne and Uncle David, they are pretty cool. I spent more time alone than I would like. They are saying that Peter is better than he was, and people are smiling more.

We did watch "Marley and Me" as a family, dad and I watched the first half because it was funny, then it got boring so we both fell asleep. It was good family time, no popcorn though. We also watch, "Dog Town", but I usually fall asleep as there is just too much blah, blah, blah..

No more snow, but we are getting to go out more. The Krewe of Ladd Rules. I did get busted the other day though, mom caught me with a mouse tail hanging out of my mouth.. oh the horrors!!!