Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost betta...

No more hurling anyways, getting to like this chicken with turnips, guess my intestinal flora and fauna is back to normal. Spent some time with the Krewe of Ladd this week, and feels good to be back with my boyz and girlz.

Now have a kennel cough, mom will not ever give me antibiotics again.. so going to have to tough it out. She does not want the garden in my stomach to get all messed up again, and she wants to keep my good bacteria up.

Life is a lot better, and it is nice not to be up all night going into the yard upchucking. I do miss the adult whining though. They are so cute when they whine.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sick as a dog..

if you want to know the true meaning of this, spend a couple of days with a really sick dog.. who even though is sick as a dog, searching for dead stuff to snack on. Finally on the other side of this inflammed colon thing.. it was rough for the first couple of days, as I was vomiting about every two hours.. day and night. The rice and cottage cheese was too white to eat and the probiotics made it worse.

They say the good thing about me being sick was that at least I would bang on the door to vomit outside and not just do it on the rug.. they keep saying how smart I am.

After rejecting the white rice and cottage cheese they tried all kinds of stuff, sweet potato, white turnip, rice and finally boiled chicken. When they added the chicken I started to eat again, but will not eat with the probiotics.. they try to fool a dog that is smart enough to bang on the door when he wants to vomit.. I think not. They need a good reminder once again as to who is in charge here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rice'n cottage cheese...

Haven't been feeling all that well and having problems on both ends, I do not think it is gross, but the humans do. They thought I had a struction.. so they bought me to the vet. Inflamed Colon.. now I am on a diet of rice and cottage cheese.. this should prove interesting. It is from something I ate, cat poop, dead mice or some other carrion. Probably will not change, they whine about spending $170.00 on finding the medical problem with their little darling.

Neating up the woods...

Adults mystify me, now they are making the woods neater. Been cutting down trees, clearing up some brush so they can see better. See what?? Not sure I understand these beings that walk on two legs.

Keep talking about a trip, then they say how hard it is to justify spending money because of the conomy.. not sure what the conomy is. They keep coming up with lets go here, lets go there and then they say how it is not a good time to take money out of the bank or incur debt. Guess they are going nowhere right now, but they sure do talk a lot about it.

Gracie came over the other day, and Betty left, wow that is really big. Betty never left her here before all by herself, we did not do much, Gracie stared at the door and I stared at Gracie. Gracie was sure happy when Betty came back though, one excited pooch.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All Betta...

Finishing up my biotics and have not coughed in a long time. The Dr. wanted me to take some prednizone, but after mom read the side effects she did not give it to me. She did go on and on about it, and did not understand why the Dr. would give out such a bad drug.

Been getting a lot of pack time with Gracie and the Krewe of Ladd. Sometimes twice a day, not as much dead mice around and these choice morsels seem to have all been gobbled up. Nothing quite like seeing a dog with a mouse tail hanging out of the mouth.

The snow is just about all gone, easier to use the facilities as I do not have to put my butt in the snow. Days are getting longer, spring is in the air and all is good on the cul de sac.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kennel Cough..

A dog with kennel cough can be pretty gross, hacking and gagging.. all hours of the day and night.. sometime hurling. Happened for a couple of nights, and then mom took me to the Vet. He confirmed what mom already knew, 10 days of antibiotics.

The Vet tried to pull a fast on me, he put the pills in a special cookie.. but I fooled him, I ate the beef flavored cookie but spit out the pill.. he tried it again in a chicken flavored pill, but I am smarter than that Doctor. Finally mom gracefully threw it down my throat.

Not sure where this came from, but of course everyone has an opinion. Could it be from the Ladd School pack?? Lately we have been feasting on the choice remains of rodents who bought it under the snow and ice, but that does not seem to be it either. Oh well, my behavior has improved and the Doctor thought how growed up I got, I no longer howl when I go to the vet's office and I did not pee on the wall. There is hope, but always best to keep the humans off balance.