Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gracie was stinking..

What a conundrum, the other night, right when dad was going to bed, Auntie B called and was in a tither.. Gracie and she had gotten sprayed by a skunk.. mom and Andre responded, dad did nothing, he did ask about it in the morning.

Apparently while out on their nightly "lets go pee walk", gracie confronted one of the black and white critters and got sprayed.. Betty got knocked on her butt, both stunk.. everything stunk, the house, the bed clothes, Betty and Gracie.. it took mucho time and mucho work to bring things back to normal.. will Gracie ever go near a skunk again??? probably, us dogs have short term memory loss about anything small that moves.. efforts to stop her can best be classified under the heading epic fail..

Epicurean Delights...

I have a rather charmed life, they buy me the best dog food, and usually mix it with duck and sweet potato from a can.. um um good!!! I usually lick the bowl, and want more, but they like me at my fighting weight 74 Lbs. of love.

A lot of times after dinner they try to trick me, they do not feed me from the table, instead they mix up some chow afterwards.. they take the dry stuff, and mix it with whatever they are having.. no grapes though. Couple of nights ago, they gave me some cheezeborgers and sweet taters.. the latter are my fave and go with just bout anything.

After the adults go to bed, sometimes Andre and if a friend is staying over, they share late night snacks with me, the house comes alive while the adults sleep.. lately have been getting quite a bit of attention as I steal my bowl, bring it to my "lair" and chew on it.. it is great fun as the adults start to yell and scream about it.. they do not have a great sense of humor.

Can I haz a cheezeborger and some sweet taters???

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gizmo has gone over the Rainbow..

One of my buds, Gizmo has left the living doggie world and passed on to the other side of the rainbow..... he got real sick, and had all kinds of inside problems, Joe and Nita did the right thing as he was suffering big time and could hardly walk.

RIP Gizmo, even though you did not like me, I liked you and will miss you. I have to chuckle when I hear the story how he bit dad's foot and drew blood...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Uninspired blogging..

there is nothing worse in the world than just old yakety yak... that is the reason for all of the down time and lapses of posts... beginning to feel some creative juices flowing once again, so watch out...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heat, Skeeters and Butterflies oh my!!!

Summer has finally arrived, and have become convinced that humans do not do much except whine about the weather, first it was too cool, then too wet and now it is too hot & humid. This along with the onslaught of super mosquitoes.. makes them whine even more. How would they feel if they had a heavy fur coat and the only way to cool off was to stick your tongue out?? They do not realize how lucky they are.

They are happy because the garden is growing, and the butterflies are here. Guess some bugs are ok, but others are not.

A butterfly in my garden...

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pop Quiz, try to pick out the touristas in Newport.. can you spot them (hint there are two)

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We went to the kite show in Newport...

Sundays have to be my most favorite day, because we usually do something today we went to Newport to see the Kite Show.. saw the biggest kitty of all time, but I ain't afraid. Saw some cool dogs and lots of kids a good time was had by all.

They were probably feeling all guilty, because last night they left me alone for a real long time, they said they went to a function for Commanche's mom.. when they got home they did not smell like Commanche.. did they lie???

Mom and me at the Kite Show, that is Portugal in the background...

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These are the biggest kitties, I have ever seen, but I ain't ascared..

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 days of sun..

then followed by a couple of days of torrential rain again, then some sun.. things are getting better. The adults are hoping that the garden will be less of a haven for slugs, at one time they called it the slug brunch. May try the beer thing..

As you can tell by my picture, I really loved 4th of July, lots of people, lots of kids.. everyone seemed happy, and most of all mooched like hell off of the part of the family who feel bad for me. I think that this is my most favorite holiday.. but the next day mom left to go kayaking in Maine. Auntie B takes me in the morning so I can hang with the Krewe De Ladd, but there is nothing quite like mom, but B is a very close second.. I love her so, and she makes me crazy.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Its like Thunder and lightning, this weather is frightening..

holy crap, it has been a real light show here for the past couple of days, big rain.. we have been able to walk with the Krewe de Ladd just about everymorning.. but then the heavens let loose.. I am not all that bothered by it, but my friend maggie, a black lab beauty, sleeps in the shower.. I just go to my little "den".. the rain bothers me more than the light and sound show.

The end result is more in time than outside time, of course there is whining is big time here.. ooh, woh is me.. and then the bush beans got crushed in the rain, oh the horrors..

Better knock on wood.. sorry Mr. Floyd for the messing with your lyrics..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Some dim sun and then a bit of sun...

the humans were all dancing and stuff, as they saw the sun after most of the day had dim sun... but today the cloud cover has returned, they claim they are going crazy.. but we knew that.

They keep whining about the garden and such, do not worry there will be veggies soon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

And you want me to do what?? In the Rain?? You joke, yes??

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The weather...

the adults continue to complain about the weather, has been cloudy forever and rainy most days lately. Does not make all that much difference to me, as long as I can go for a walk in the morning with my Krewe of Ladd.. which has happened just about every day.

Yesterday went to a graduation party in East Providence, got to play with a couple of golden doodles... it was ok, but prefer my boyz better..

Today it is Father's day, they will all leave me to go to a cookout in Newport, but I will look real sad when they leave and make them feel guilty. I hate these holidays when I cannot go... as it is another rainy day, according to the whiny adults, maybe I can talk them into letting me go and sleep in the van.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ozian daydreams and Rube Goldberg...

Ding dong the foxes are gone, the wicked fox, the wicked old fox, ding dong the wicked fox is gone. They've gone where the foxes go, they've gone and gone.... you get the drift. The foxes have moved on, no more, nada, zilch... gonzo. No more yakety yak about how grey foxes are 14 pounds, how they can climb trees or their dens can sometimes be up to 75 feet. What is good about their moving on, is that I can frolic in the yard again..

Now Andre and dad are working on a Rube Goldberg contraption, instead of just opening a can.. it now can take 6 steps to open a can with a tab.. this is better?? Humans you have to live with them, even though they are very weird.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The three amigos...

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Kids and Foxes...

Foxes continue to take up a lot of time here, and have severely impeded my freedom. They think I am going to run over to the fox den and do whatever, not sure what I would do now that you mention it. The neighbours are all paying attention, leaving them carrots and such.. I remember when they thought I was cute.

Devon was here on Friday nite and Andre has been here all weekend, the adults are whining about how there is no food left. They wonder why I really love the kids.. Andre gets on the floor with me and wrestles, he also lets me play tug of war with his jacket. Devon takes for walks (rolleyes, rolleyes), actually she drags me around the yard, some say it is payback for all of the licking. Devon feels all strong and powerful, and I tend to stay rather bored. But life is better with the kids, the adults say that also.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Foxes and slimey stuff...

we have finally figured out the big mystery, the reason why the foxes cut through our yard is because there are little foxes living in the big rocks behind Rose's place. It has been solved by the second best wildlife spotter in the house, dad. Every once and a while we see little fox heads on the rocks playing around their den. My very restricted life has become more restrictive as I want to get to these guys, the adults will not let me.. they are not sure what I will do when I get to them, play or try to grab them.. I am not sure either. Forethought and reflection are not my strong suits.

After about 20 rainy days in May, the sun came out yesterday and the folks were in a special place as they bought worms for the compost bin.. woowee, they sure know how to have fun. A rather lengthy discussion ensued extoling the virtues of red wigglers, the conclusion was that we would have better compost and be able to throw more stuff in the bin, we sure know how to live large on the end of the woods.

One final question we have been thinking about; if little foxes are called kits, why aren't little cats called fox's???

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sometimes I feel like a motherless puppy..

mom went to Maine with her boat, and I am left here almost alone with dad. Not too bad, he did get me out, bad knees and all, for a couple of good walks.. but when mom is gone I spend a lot of time sleeping in their bedroom on the floor by her side of the bed.

Yesterday he even took me to a Rugby game between Newport Rugby Team and an Irish Team.. wow!! there were a ton of people there and many other dogs.. I was on the leash, bummer. Got to meet Peter the Nephew, complete with his helmet. He seemed fine to me, not sure what all the fuss was about. Peter is a big man, with a nice, quiet voice.. also met the future in laws as well. Derek and Jen were there also, I do not think that Jen gets this dog pet thing yet, but I am working on her. I wanted to go with everybody for beers afterward, but noooo we had to come home and do nothing. Beers with the boys would have been great fun.

Things will be back to normal today, that is how I like it.. change is not a good thing for this puppy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pimping Senor Doug's and Saintly Carol's Blog

My parents dear friends from north of the border, have started a pretty good blog.. it focuses on travels and eating. For a really good time and an opportunity for free money and/or nirvana please visit this early and often.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day..

is a good holiday, everyone came over. Lots to do, good food and the kids to play with. Why can't every holiday be this way.

The fox and the deer are still think our yard is a main road or something, can't help myself, get all puffed up and go from window to door to check these dudes out. If I could only get one, but then what would I do..not sure but it is always fun getting the adults all riled up.

Monday, May 4, 2009


First there were deer, then bunny wabbits, skunks, kitty cats and now foxes. They have been coming by at morning and night, and sometimes during the middle of the day. Let me tell you I practically get out of my skin, going from window to window, huffing and puffing getting myself all worked up. Lots of loud language usually follows, calm down Teddy!! Teddy go lay down!! Teddy if you jump through that screen!!It is hard to be a good dog when foxes walk right by your window. Why do they call baby foxes, kits???

The other night my bud Commanche came over with his parents. We wrestled and tried to do the wild thing with each other for a couple of hours and then the adults wanted us to quiet down. They gave us each a frozen cow femur, in the past I waited for them to thaw, but not tonight I was hungry so I chowed down. Commanche turned his snout up at his, so I went and took his also. Two bones are nice, but then after a while they took it back and Commanche wound up eating his bone. Still one bone is a good thing and life is good on the edge of the woods.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Workin in the Garden...

We have been working in the garden, and I have been a big help. Mom does not want to tie me up, so she would prefer to look for me when I get distracted by the neighbor Gil, local cats and deer. Today when they tied me up, I took off and broke my collar. Quite a conundrum.

They are building something called raised beds, and I have been helping by biting at wheelbarrow tires, eating some dirt, grabbing the blue tarp and stealing stuff they are using. Yesterday I stole the twine twice and ran away with it. It is great fun to help them and cannot understand why they keep saying, "Teddy knock it off"...

The weather was real hot for a couple of days and I drooled a lot, but it has gotten cool again and this is much better for a long haired dog. The adults do not complain as much when the weather is cooler, there is nothing more aggravating than adults whining.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Wow!!! this is probably my least favorite holiday, no kids, no great food to beg for, I don't get this one. They keep saying how nice it was to have a day with nothing to do, nothing to do for Teddy is a bad day. We did go for a walk with the Krewe of Ladd, but other than some yard work on a very windy day it was a tad boring.

Things have quieted down for the adults, hear that Dad's nephew is doing better and he seems better. Mom has gotten back into her groove, and has not been doing as much running around.

I still get distracted occasionally by the deer, but they said I have been pretty good lately. They have a new though, when they take me out in the rain, at night or in bad weather to relieve myself they say I take too long and spend too much time sniffing around. Just when I thought I had them trained, they are getting confused. Guess they are confusing this goodness thing with weakness thing. I will have to show them, once again, who is in charge here.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Fools ?????

Not sure about this holiday, supposed to play tricks on people, but has been a downer week. Bailey's mom died, she was sick for a long time. Then Dad's nephew, Peter, was hit by a drunk driver, so he was in critical care in the hospital. I was alone quite a bit, but I did get to meet Aunty Corinne and Uncle David, they are pretty cool. I spent more time alone than I would like. They are saying that Peter is better than he was, and people are smiling more.

We did watch "Marley and Me" as a family, dad and I watched the first half because it was funny, then it got boring so we both fell asleep. It was good family time, no popcorn though. We also watch, "Dog Town", but I usually fall asleep as there is just too much blah, blah, blah..

No more snow, but we are getting to go out more. The Krewe of Ladd Rules. I did get busted the other day though, mom caught me with a mouse tail hanging out of my mouth.. oh the horrors!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost betta...

No more hurling anyways, getting to like this chicken with turnips, guess my intestinal flora and fauna is back to normal. Spent some time with the Krewe of Ladd this week, and feels good to be back with my boyz and girlz.

Now have a kennel cough, mom will not ever give me antibiotics again.. so going to have to tough it out. She does not want the garden in my stomach to get all messed up again, and she wants to keep my good bacteria up.

Life is a lot better, and it is nice not to be up all night going into the yard upchucking. I do miss the adult whining though. They are so cute when they whine.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sick as a dog..

if you want to know the true meaning of this, spend a couple of days with a really sick dog.. who even though is sick as a dog, searching for dead stuff to snack on. Finally on the other side of this inflammed colon thing.. it was rough for the first couple of days, as I was vomiting about every two hours.. day and night. The rice and cottage cheese was too white to eat and the probiotics made it worse.

They say the good thing about me being sick was that at least I would bang on the door to vomit outside and not just do it on the rug.. they keep saying how smart I am.

After rejecting the white rice and cottage cheese they tried all kinds of stuff, sweet potato, white turnip, rice and finally boiled chicken. When they added the chicken I started to eat again, but will not eat with the probiotics.. they try to fool a dog that is smart enough to bang on the door when he wants to vomit.. I think not. They need a good reminder once again as to who is in charge here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rice'n cottage cheese...

Haven't been feeling all that well and having problems on both ends, I do not think it is gross, but the humans do. They thought I had a struction.. so they bought me to the vet. Inflamed Colon.. now I am on a diet of rice and cottage cheese.. this should prove interesting. It is from something I ate, cat poop, dead mice or some other carrion. Probably will not change, they whine about spending $170.00 on finding the medical problem with their little darling.

Neating up the woods...

Adults mystify me, now they are making the woods neater. Been cutting down trees, clearing up some brush so they can see better. See what?? Not sure I understand these beings that walk on two legs.

Keep talking about a trip, then they say how hard it is to justify spending money because of the conomy.. not sure what the conomy is. They keep coming up with lets go here, lets go there and then they say how it is not a good time to take money out of the bank or incur debt. Guess they are going nowhere right now, but they sure do talk a lot about it.

Gracie came over the other day, and Betty left, wow that is really big. Betty never left her here before all by herself, we did not do much, Gracie stared at the door and I stared at Gracie. Gracie was sure happy when Betty came back though, one excited pooch.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All Betta...

Finishing up my biotics and have not coughed in a long time. The Dr. wanted me to take some prednizone, but after mom read the side effects she did not give it to me. She did go on and on about it, and did not understand why the Dr. would give out such a bad drug.

Been getting a lot of pack time with Gracie and the Krewe of Ladd. Sometimes twice a day, not as much dead mice around and these choice morsels seem to have all been gobbled up. Nothing quite like seeing a dog with a mouse tail hanging out of the mouth.

The snow is just about all gone, easier to use the facilities as I do not have to put my butt in the snow. Days are getting longer, spring is in the air and all is good on the cul de sac.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kennel Cough..

A dog with kennel cough can be pretty gross, hacking and gagging.. all hours of the day and night.. sometime hurling. Happened for a couple of nights, and then mom took me to the Vet. He confirmed what mom already knew, 10 days of antibiotics.

The Vet tried to pull a fast on me, he put the pills in a special cookie.. but I fooled him, I ate the beef flavored cookie but spit out the pill.. he tried it again in a chicken flavored pill, but I am smarter than that Doctor. Finally mom gracefully threw it down my throat.

Not sure where this came from, but of course everyone has an opinion. Could it be from the Ladd School pack?? Lately we have been feasting on the choice remains of rodents who bought it under the snow and ice, but that does not seem to be it either. Oh well, my behavior has improved and the Doctor thought how growed up I got, I no longer howl when I go to the vet's office and I did not pee on the wall. There is hope, but always best to keep the humans off balance.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not going to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave....

Thought I had a real chance on this one, but the Obama's chose a portuguese water dog. Why not me?? Maybe because I am not hypoallergenic, or because I forget not to jump on people. Or maybe it is just plain old mutt bias... I would be perfect for the White House.. I await another day for my 15 minutes of fame.

Do portuguese water dogs like Chourico and eggs?? Do they like the water??? I have an uncle that is a portuguese water dog, betcha he is proud.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was gonna stay with Aunti B while everyone went to Mardi Gras, and was really looking forward to becoming a very spoiled rotten dog.. I could probably sleep on her bed and do whatever I want. But now mom is not feeling well and will not be going, so I get to stay home with her.

Not sure how I feel about this, getting really spoiled for a week or just staying home and watching every move with anticipation that mom makes. I think staying home and watching mom as that is my mostest favorite thing and what is best.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A loud doggie sigh...

Dogs do not really sigh, they yawn instead. Lately things have been kindof one long yawn and it creates a conundrum when I am supposed to blog. January has ended and now we are into a short month, hopefully it is warmer and not as icy.

Been doing some pack time with Gracey and the crew, but my mistress has not taken a picture even though she has been asked repeatedly. We get a lot of excuses like they won't stand still. Hopefully, soon we can get a good picture of the pack and post that soon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January is the longest month..

maybe because of the days, but more likely it is because it is so cold for so long. This winter has been tough on the humans, as they are less apt to take me for long walks, they whine a lot. On "warmer" days they take me out and some days I get to run with the pack. Now it is real cold again, and they act like wusses, what do I know about 4 degree weather. It is what it is, winter.

The real good news is that I am able to spend more time with my best bud Gracie.. her injury is all better, and we get a chance to run, find deer poop, chase each other and wrestle.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


not sure what that is, but they do not want me running on the ice because they think I will hurt my ACL. Someone told someone about someone they knew who had a dog who hurt himself while running on the ice. Personally do not think that I will, and deserve to join back up with the Ladd School Pack, but the members of the Ladd School Pack humans are not letting their dogs run either. Because I do not drive and am kept on the "short" leash.. do not have much choice. I do not like January.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Now Ice..

Everything is pretty slippery, it rained and then got cold on the old snow. Then we got new snow and it rained on top of the new snow, and froze. I do not like the ice, and the humans like it even less.

They walk like little babies taking little shuffle steps, they say they do not want to fall again. Mom has been pretty good taking me out with her for some walks, she says it has to do with the new mukluks as they help keep her from falling down.

The best news of all though, is that Gracie is back from her leg surgery. This means that we can pal up again and wrestle, I really missed her. She doesn't put up with any crap though if I try to do the "wild thing" with her she lets me know about it. But I always forget in the heat of play and then try again.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years..

So many holidays, but this one is odd. Not much celebration, not many people stopping by. Just some snow and very cold. I have an eye infection, gotta go to the doctor. Andre got an ATV, but I am not supposed to know about this, because they think I will associate anyone on an ATV with Andre and chase it. I am not dumb, I know Andre has an ATV and I know he rides it, not sure if I will chase it.

I love to pee on the wall when I go to the Doctor's office, so other dogs know I have been there. Lots of fun to wait for him, because there is always someone to sniff in the waiting room.

Who is this masked 13 year old on an ATV??? Inquiring doggies want to know.

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