Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Rains Came...

First they complain about how we need rain, then it rains and they complain about all the rain. Humans, do not get it, for us it is so simple.. rain or no rain, it is always a good time to be a dog. The problem is when heavy rains come, no one wants to go out an play except me. All I get to do is go out to use the loo in the woods. They whine about something about wet dogs..

Do not understand all this debate stuff and presidential election, think they all should be smelt and licked and whoever has the best scent is the best person for the job. Whoever has the best cookies and treats would get my vote.

Had a nice party last Sunday nite, my bud Commanche brought his parents along with some other friends. We had a great time wrestling and doing dog stuff. The leftovers were great, nothing like a little medium steak to finish off a very good party. Of all the things we do in the summer, aside from chasing the water from the hose, cook outs are my fave, lots of folk to hang with, an occasional dog and great food.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Games we play..

nice thing about being a puppy/dog is all the games we get to play, here are a few of my faves:

When the adults are trying to watch the news or something on TV, go in the bedroom and walk out with a shoe or with a moutful of Q-Tips, do not chew the shoe or Q-Tip just get their attention.

When mowing the grass chase the lawn mower and bite at the wheel, even though they yell at me not to do it, continue and then get put inside and run from window to window while they mow.

When cleaning anything the van, car or whatever grab the roll of paper towels and run into the woods with it trailing behind me.

Whenever they pick up a throw, blanket, dog bed this means tugg of war for me, usually I get yelled at.

Another favorite is when they are watching TV, hump the dog bed furiously, this makes them crazy.

Whenever they dig a hole for a new plant, always help.. I can dig faster than they can anyways.

Chew anypiece of paper I can find into a lot of little pieces, then when they tell me to drop it, don't do it and ignore them.. this makes them really crazy.

Whenever they have the hose out, this is my fave and I suspect my folks as well, chase the water and run at the hose.. bark like crazy, get wet run around the shed and yard and then do it again.. difficult to describe, but it is a very crazy time. If we can ever figure out how to put a video on this blog will attract thousands of new viewers..

Lay infront of my bowl after supper, stare at the bowl then stare at the folks then stare at the bowl stare at the folks, and then they give me leftovers.. this is my favorite, and they usually laugh.

There are so many games, but my brain is getting tired.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Phew what a week...

On Monday there was quite a conundrum around here, Dad was not feeling well and went to the hospital with Mom and Andre... Mom and Andre came back late, dad did not. This was followed by 3 days of lots of car time while mom was in a big building, she would come out and walk me and bring me treats.. but I got them back as I chewed any paper I could find.

Mom says I am not a city dog, even though there are lot of places to pee on.. telephone poles, fire hydrants and trees.. one would think that my bladder was the size of a large balloon.. but I kept trying. Mom was also concerned, because when were walking on a street named Hope I tried to run across and see another dog. Traffic, what do I know about traffic, here on the cul de sac on a busy day there might be 6 cars total going by.

Things are back to normal once again, not sure I will let the complacency continue as it is time to shake things up again. There are deer, squirrels and bunny rabbits to chase.. there are neighbours to greet and jump on.. there are people to lick and so much to do it is only a matter of time...

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's football time..

It is that time of the year again, dad wakes up on a Sunday AM and then asks mom what are we doin for the game, and then the really big question..."What are we doing with Teddy"??..

Yesterday it started, we(meaning me too) went to Uncle Bob and Ivette's, the Pats won, Brady is hurt(whoever Brady is??). I did my obligatory licking and mouthing of everyone, and they said I did good. Even though when they were not paying attention I grabbed Ivette's good slipper and chewed it a bit,left a Teddy mark.. it was a good day.

The other day got the folks laughing, they were taking down the pop-up before the Hurricane was coming.. they wiped it down with some really smelly stuff. I grabbed the roll of papertowels and ran into the woods, there must've been 50 feet of paper towels behind me.. mom almost peed herself. They laughed.. they keep saying I am the dog with the most personality they have ever seen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

69 Pounds of pure love...

Went to the Doctor yesterday with mom.. yep, 69 lbs. guess I am full grown, people say I am a pretty solid dog.. not too fat, lots of muscle. The waiting room was cool, there were kitties in portable jails.. good enough for them. They were quite grouchy when I went up to sniff them, some stuck their greasy little paws out. I had to do the obligatory pee on the wall on the way in.

When I got in, they gave me a shot. And then they cut my nails, last time I did this I wailed and howled.. no more though, all growed up, just let them do it. Felt groggy from the new medicine last night, but today full of pee and vinegar.

Things have slowed down a bit, Andre is back at school and no one to play with right now. Still spending a lot of time with mom, and this is cool. Had some family stop by for Labor Day, and everyone gave me praise as I did not jump too much, but it is too much to ask to stop slobbering all over every one.. it is what I do.