Sunday, July 20, 2008

The SC Balloon Festival, where I should've gone, but was left home, Sighhhhh!

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Laying in Devon's Pool..

Humans do not understand that I have rules in my life, when they spray me with the hose I get crazy and do laps, when I see a bunny rabbit I loose my mind, ornamental grass has a delicate smell, taste and is far superior to regular grass and when I see people they need to be licked incessantly. A new Tedy rule is when we set up the small pool for Devon I like to get in and lay on my side, no particular reason except it feels good. Devon cannot be in the pool and neither can anyone's feet, rules are rules.

They keep saying I am crazy, but it all works for me and my dog world way of thinking.

BTW the guy I dictate to is off to Boy Scout Camp for the week with Andre, so will not be posting until next week sometime..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Canoe Dog..

Yesterday mom, Andre and I went out in the canoe.. we did not go on a long trip, but I did good in the boat. They think that I can be well behaved, we stayed close to shore.. wait until we are in the middle of a big lake or the salt pond, stay tuned. I love to fool humans.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Now they question my ancestry....

Overheard the folks talking about me as I am a frequent topic of conversation. Mom seems to think I have some Irish Setter in me as I have been acting pretty dumb lately and am so strong willed. Not sure why they feel this way. My take is that the bunny rabbits deserve to be chased, and just because I do not come right back no big deal. Just because I believe that every human loves me and deserves to be licked incessantly, is ok. What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate, humans have not yet realized that they live in my world and not versa visa.

Other than that life has been ok, too hot for my liking and I usually like to be inside where it is cooler, rather than outside in the sun. They keep talking about bringing me out in the canoe and bringing me camping, not sure about both of these things.. but might give me some new stuff to write about.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July is good...

Not only is everyone home, but I had a good time. Fri we went over to Jean and Jimmy's and played all night with Darcy(what a babe) and Commanche. Every once and a while I would get tired and lay on the step of the pool, everyone thought that was funny... I thought it was pretty cooling. We were all tired at the end of the night and all day Saturday.

Saturday was Andre's big #13 birthday, it was a blast not only were Andre and Devon there, but gram and pop as well.. a good time was had by all. Nice table scraps too. Life is good, but better with the kids.

I really love these guys...

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One of my fave places, life is good..

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