Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gracie was stinking..

What a conundrum, the other night, right when dad was going to bed, Auntie B called and was in a tither.. Gracie and she had gotten sprayed by a skunk.. mom and Andre responded, dad did nothing, he did ask about it in the morning.

Apparently while out on their nightly "lets go pee walk", gracie confronted one of the black and white critters and got sprayed.. Betty got knocked on her butt, both stunk.. everything stunk, the house, the bed clothes, Betty and Gracie.. it took mucho time and mucho work to bring things back to normal.. will Gracie ever go near a skunk again??? probably, us dogs have short term memory loss about anything small that moves.. efforts to stop her can best be classified under the heading epic fail..

Epicurean Delights...

I have a rather charmed life, they buy me the best dog food, and usually mix it with duck and sweet potato from a can.. um um good!!! I usually lick the bowl, and want more, but they like me at my fighting weight 74 Lbs. of love.

A lot of times after dinner they try to trick me, they do not feed me from the table, instead they mix up some chow afterwards.. they take the dry stuff, and mix it with whatever they are having.. no grapes though. Couple of nights ago, they gave me some cheezeborgers and sweet taters.. the latter are my fave and go with just bout anything.

After the adults go to bed, sometimes Andre and if a friend is staying over, they share late night snacks with me, the house comes alive while the adults sleep.. lately have been getting quite a bit of attention as I steal my bowl, bring it to my "lair" and chew on it.. it is great fun as the adults start to yell and scream about it.. they do not have a great sense of humor.

Can I haz a cheezeborger and some sweet taters???

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gizmo has gone over the Rainbow..

One of my buds, Gizmo has left the living doggie world and passed on to the other side of the rainbow..... he got real sick, and had all kinds of inside problems, Joe and Nita did the right thing as he was suffering big time and could hardly walk.

RIP Gizmo, even though you did not like me, I liked you and will miss you. I have to chuckle when I hear the story how he bit dad's foot and drew blood...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Uninspired blogging..

there is nothing worse in the world than just old yakety yak... that is the reason for all of the down time and lapses of posts... beginning to feel some creative juices flowing once again, so watch out...