Monday, May 26, 2008

The Chipmunks made me do it...

we were having a nice Memorial Day, Andre was here, mom and dad were working on the new deck...they were just about done for the day and dad came in to close his eyes for a minute.. then it happened, that chipmunk came out when I was in and I got crazy. I put my paw through the screen.. boy did they yell. All I heard was blah, blah, blah again.

Other than that Memorial Day was a good holiday, Andre was here for the weekend..the only bad thing was they left me behind on Sunday when they went to a cookout, not sure why I could not go, but they left me behind for 7 hours and I didn't get into trouble.

Mom is doing less running around as Pop is now home from the nursing home, so she can do more of what she wants to do. That is good because we have more we time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A bit under the weather..

not sure why, but did not feel good for a couple of days. Not sure if it was from chasing that wascally wabbit before I warmed up or from eating the butterfly bush that they left me in the van with on Sunday. Not sure what happened, but on Monday was sore and sluggish, slept a lot and did not raise too much hell.

But then came Tuesday, and had to use up all the energy stored up from Monday and got into a bunch of trouble, and then it rained could not settle down. Mom and dad, got really pissed and I had to take a bunch of time outs.

Somedays bedtime does not come soon enough, says mom. Maybe Wednesday will be better.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chipmunks and rabbits..

where have they been all my life?? Really liking this spring stuff, do not remember these critters from last year.. but then again last year my major focus was to bite people's toes. After dad gets up in the morning I hop up on the bed and look out the window.. mom says I quiver when I see a rabbit or a chipmunk. Not sure what I do, but I feel all crazy inside. Mom keeps asking, "Tedy what are you going to do if you catch it??" but all I hear is blah, blah, blah...

Have had the opportunity to chase a couple of these little four legged buggers, but have never caught one yet, but keeping the hope alive by continuing to try. Last night auntie B and Gracie came over for a while and all I did was aggravate Gracie, the normal stuff biting her back legs and trying to hump her. She and I played a lot, but dad was getting aggravated because of all of the growling, barking and jumping around stuff. What do they expect for us to do, lay nice and just be quiet, doubt that.

Spring is nice, so many critters so little time.. they say summer is just as good.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Behaving Better...

Not sure if I am starting to get all growed up or not, but lately been getting a lot of praise that I am acting better.. most of the time. When Devon came over on Mother's day, I did not even make her cry of knock her over. Instead I let her beat me up, as much as a 3 year old can beat me up. Yesterday when we went to get Mom's oil change, I was very good in the waiting room and did not jump or do anything stupid, except for that guy with hair on his face.. I growled quietly. Never saw anything like that before.

I am really liking this summer stuff, so many birdies, mice, bunnies and squirrels.. get to spend more and more time outside with the folks. They are building a new deck, and I help sometimes by taking tools and moving them.

Not sure if this is a silly phase I am going through, but being good is ok, but I am missing "Teddy you are a pain in the ass", or "Teddy knock it off".. have to think about his more before I decide if I am getting growed up or not.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My webmaster and I decided to see if all those folks who say they read this blog are really lying or telling the truth. So we decided to install a sitemaster, yesterday 13 of you wonderful folks visited this site, so you ain't lying. Guess there is an audience for crazy dogs. Was not inspired to blog, but now my webmaster says we have to keep the customers satisfied.

The reason that I have not wanted to blog, is that there is not a lot to blog about as everyone has been real busy; mom with Pop, dad with building the new deck and Andre with school. My life has become pretty mundane, with the exception of going for walks and going for swims. I have discover rabbits, they are better than squirrels as they do not do trees, but they are about as fast or I am slow.

They have pretty much Tedy proofed the house, except for last night I scared the crap out of dad. I stole a used razor from the garbage in the bathroom. When dad saw it he went ape crap, as he could not find the razor part of the razor. He started to whine about: "What next Tedy?", "Holy crap how much is this going to cost?" Anyways they did not know that I hid the metal razor part in my bed, and when they found out I got yelled at big time. Not that it matters, because will probably do something like this again. They keep saying Tedy you are getting too old for this stuff, but all I hear is blah, blah, blah...

Anyways thanks for listening you lucky 13, you have inspired me to get my webmaster off of his butt and keep posting.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life goes on, sometimes it is more exciting than others.

Not much going on around here, Mom has been spending a lot of time with her mom figuring out what is best for "Pop" as he is pretty sick. So we have been doing less other stuff, so I figured I would raise hell as they are not paying enough attention to me. There are only so many mousetraps, and there are more garbage cans than mousetraps.. also cannot put a mousetrap on paper towels, and then there is the dirty laundry. Bored puppy minds are the devil's workplace.

Have come to the conclusion that Andre is my fave, when he comes over we get to wrestle and have a lot of fun. He plays games and makes me crazy, so much so that mom and dad make me go lay down. Sometimes when I play really hard, I have a harder time stopping and they get really mad at me.

Lots of wildlife lately; new birds, some deer and a whole bunch of stuff living in the grass.. bunny rabbits and chipmunks make me shudder with excitement. They also make me have temporary insanity as I completely do not pay attention to what they say or want me to do. Mom keeps saying "Teddy you are getting to old to be behaving this way".

This is not the greatest entry, hopefully the next time I can provide more exciting stuff..