Sunday, July 13, 2008

Now they question my ancestry....

Overheard the folks talking about me as I am a frequent topic of conversation. Mom seems to think I have some Irish Setter in me as I have been acting pretty dumb lately and am so strong willed. Not sure why they feel this way. My take is that the bunny rabbits deserve to be chased, and just because I do not come right back no big deal. Just because I believe that every human loves me and deserves to be licked incessantly, is ok. What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate, humans have not yet realized that they live in my world and not versa visa.

Other than that life has been ok, too hot for my liking and I usually like to be inside where it is cooler, rather than outside in the sun. They keep talking about bringing me out in the canoe and bringing me camping, not sure about both of these things.. but might give me some new stuff to write about.

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