Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kids and Foxes...

Foxes continue to take up a lot of time here, and have severely impeded my freedom. They think I am going to run over to the fox den and do whatever, not sure what I would do now that you mention it. The neighbours are all paying attention, leaving them carrots and such.. I remember when they thought I was cute.

Devon was here on Friday nite and Andre has been here all weekend, the adults are whining about how there is no food left. They wonder why I really love the kids.. Andre gets on the floor with me and wrestles, he also lets me play tug of war with his jacket. Devon takes for walks (rolleyes, rolleyes), actually she drags me around the yard, some say it is payback for all of the licking. Devon feels all strong and powerful, and I tend to stay rather bored. But life is better with the kids, the adults say that also.

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