Saturday, February 9, 2008

Outa the kennel, whoopeee...

Got out of the kennel on Thursday AM, dad came to get me... I hit the redzone big time, jumping all over the place, licking and biting and all. When I got home did pretty much the same thing to mom. Not sure what it is, but since I have been home have been called a pain in the ass several times.. guess they do not know how much I missed them.

The kennel was ok, very boring, I ate my bed. The best part was when Bee would come by and visit me. That was cool, thank goodness for the bones they left for me, without them I would have gone out of my mind.

Nice to be home raising hell, and sleeping in mom and dad's bed occasionally.

Oh yea, dad and mom are kinda down keep talking about how the Patriots lost and how they can't believe that.. I am gonna cheer them up.

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Dusty Rhodes said...

Give them Hell Tedy B, that will teach them older people for putting you away for a week.