Saturday, October 25, 2008

Falling leaves..

guess that is why they call it fall, but this is another favorite time.. not sure if it is more favorite than other times, but it is a blast. First they go get the rake and I try to bite the rake.. then they rake the leaves, I get in the way, then when they make a pile I run through it.. they say they are mad, but they laugh everytime they say, "Tedy knock it off".

Then they get the blue tarp, and not sure why but that is crazy time.. first of all I run into the blue tarp and try to grab it and pull it out of their hands.. then when they put it down and get ready to put leaves in it I grab it and try to run away with it.. finally they put leaves in in it and try to drag it into the woods I jump on the tarp and go for a ride. Then we play tug of war back to the next pile of leaves..

This year I have discovered the leaf blower, love to chase and attack this also.. the wind blowing through my mouth and puffing out my cheeks is mad fun..

This leaf fall time of year, sure is a lot of fun..

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