Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Contemplating Erika as she enters her 30th year...

Had a few pensive moments last Sunday, as Erika had the anniversary of her 29th year and began her 30th.. the family came over, and I did not even enter the "red zone" or had to be put in my cage. Kinda a moral victory for me, there was a lot of food around, even some shrimp. They sang songs and lit fires on cakes, it was fun for all. Andre kept driving his new tractor, round and round.. he goes backward pretty fast. Devon does not like me any more, gotta figure this one out.

They left pretty early, because everyone wanted to watch football, I am beginning to like this sport more and more.. because, every time there is a good football game on, I get a nice new soupbone to gnaw on while they watch the game.

Mom and dad said I was growing up, but not sure about this though, cause being a puppy and aggravating adults is more fun than anything.

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