Monday, May 4, 2009


First there were deer, then bunny wabbits, skunks, kitty cats and now foxes. They have been coming by at morning and night, and sometimes during the middle of the day. Let me tell you I practically get out of my skin, going from window to window, huffing and puffing getting myself all worked up. Lots of loud language usually follows, calm down Teddy!! Teddy go lay down!! Teddy if you jump through that screen!!It is hard to be a good dog when foxes walk right by your window. Why do they call baby foxes, kits???

The other night my bud Commanche came over with his parents. We wrestled and tried to do the wild thing with each other for a couple of hours and then the adults wanted us to quiet down. They gave us each a frozen cow femur, in the past I waited for them to thaw, but not tonight I was hungry so I chowed down. Commanche turned his snout up at his, so I went and took his also. Two bones are nice, but then after a while they took it back and Commanche wound up eating his bone. Still one bone is a good thing and life is good on the edge of the woods.

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