Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dad's working...

so things have changed, somedays he leaves for work in the dark so we don't get in our "forced march" every day. Mom is still here and she takes me for walks, I don't care as long as I get in the woods and run. Felt very hyper lately so spending more time on the leash or in the cage, they say I loose control.. guess that is a matter of opinion. Do not understand why they do not like to get bit, Spectra didn't mind.

I am 4 months old today, and they are too lazy to weigh me..the Dr. says double the weight of a puppy at 4 months and you will get my approximate adult weight. I'm guessing about 60 pounds, but not sure.

Still really like going in the car, and sleep there all the time I am in there, still get in Devon's car seat. Prefer to hold my pee and poo until I get home though, that is the best place to go. Other than that not much going on, right now I am back on the leash again because I was biting again.

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