Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Student of the Month...

Let me tell you about this human behavior, this is stuff I would get in trouble for...Monday nite, Andre was over with Erika, Devon, mom and dad. Andre had a surprise, he was student of the month... well let me tell you dad was hooting and hollering and then he fell on the floor, mom was jumping up and down and Erika got pretty excited also. If I acted this stupid and silly I would have been put in the cage.

Something else happened that also concerns me, now that it is colder there is big machine next to my bed that makes a lot of noise and I don't like it. Someone said it is the furnace, well let me tell you I make a lot of noise, but do not like this stuff. Just when I got over my fear of the vacuum and broom, this stuff happens..they have to drag me to bed at night.

Another thing that is going on is that I am getting in a lot of trouble for is when people come to visit or when I go visiting, I like to jump on people, lick their face and sometimes bite them. Boy do they get upset at me, and most times I wind up on a leash.. I will never understand humans, this is the way we greet each other in my world after we sniff each other's butts. At least I am not sticking my nose in their butts first, not sure what they want out of me. I am not sure I am going to change this behavior, because there is nothing wrong with it.

Mom got a copy of Cesar Milan's new book, not sure I am gonna like this one, it is something about "becoming leader of your pack".. we'll see about this one also.

Almost forgot, everyone here was pretty good about this Red Sox stuff.. haven't seen any red socks around here, but I betcha they are pretty good chewing.

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