Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monday, Monday Can't trust that day..

This could also be called Blue Monday, but easier to just go with the original. When I went to bed last night Dad gave one of his blah, blah, blah speeches about how today was not a very good day for me and hopefully tomorrow will be better. I thought yesterday was pretty good.

It started off fine, got up earlier than usual.. dad took an early shower, before he did he put everything away and let me stay in the bedroom. I felt pretty smart so I opened the sliding closet door and got a boat shoe. I chewed right through the laces, he got mad and started the blah, blah, blah about how much that was gonna cost.. what do I know about money??

Mom and dad were busy so Aunt Bee took me for a few hours, it was fun first of all I made her walk me for over 2 hours before I did my duty.. amazing how well I can hold it when I want to. It was fun I rolled in a dead frog, tried to eat some coyote poop Auntie Bee can take care of me whenever I want, even though she was shaking her head and saying something like over my dead body..

Then the kids came over for some "Vicburgers", I love it when they come over I get to bite Andre and knock Devon over. They left me on the deck when they ate and I howled a bit. I got yelled at a lot when they were all there, Erika gets really mad when I beat up Devon. But Devon does keep me going, particularly as she keeps provoking me, what does a dog do when a little kid is waving a piece of paper towel in my face??

After they left, mom and dad thought I might be tired, but I wasn't I had a lot of energy and continued to have raise hell. They kept telling me to go to bed, but I was not tired and it is a lot of fun to howl at mom when she is eating chips, or hump the stuffed animals when they are watching tv, or go after just about anything that is mouth level. A great new game I play now, is when I snatch something I run like hell and they chase me.. then I won't let go. They keep telling me it is not a game, or call me "dog from hell", but I think it is fun.

Well hopefully Tuesday is better, woowee they left the remote control out.. gotta go.

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