Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Walking in the sand...

Yesterday we went to the beach, idiot humans do not allow dogs on the beach until after September 30th.. Humans need to learn to share and stop being so selfish.

The beach is cool, drinking salt water is ok. Everyone waited for me to throw up, but I didn't. I only like to throw up at home on the rug. Talk about a cornucopia of smells, bird crap, dead crabs, seaweed, old shoes, plastic a veritable smorgasbord of all things puppies love. I played the do not listen game, so I wound up on the leash.. but that was ok, still had fun and another opportunity to aggravate the humans.

Afterwards, another opportunity to drive them crazy, did not pee before I got into the van.. all I wanted was my afternoon nap. They humans were going out to eat, so they were worried about me peeing, stopped at Home Depot.. there I really drove them crazy, got to sniff stuff for another half hour, but did not pee. Mom was driving and every 5 minutes turned her head to see if I was puking.. fooled the hell out of them. Finally peed when I got home, and never puked. Achieved my goal of controlling them and driving them nuts.

They say I travel well as all I do is curl up and sleep on the seat, but they do not know that is part of the master plan.. rest up and save my energy until later then I act like a lunatic when I get home.

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