Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not much to blog about..

Weather gotten cooler, late out dark in the morning, and we have heard a lot of coyotes lately so we go for walks later. Dad started to work more, so we do the "forced march" thing every day. I can fetch now, even though I want a cookie every time before I drop it.

The other day we stopped by the South County Animal Rescue League to see Megan, fortunately she was there.. she wondered what the little ball of fur that used to be Pilot would turn out like. It was nice to see her, and she remembered my sisters name, Spectra.. guess she got rescued also and is doing well.

Yesterday went for a walk with mom, Aunt bee and a couple of lady friends Anne and Dottie, they all have dogs had a lot of fun running in the woods with Gracie, Kaylee and Maggie. Don't understand why they don't like plastic water bottles and why Kaylee chases the ball so much, Maggie likes treats so much and Gracie rolls so much. It was fun, but I got pretty tired and when I got home did not feel like humping the stuffed animals in front of mom and dad. I even felt tired on the "forced march" this morning.. life is good.

Life is good on the edge of the south county woods, even though dad is not here as much.

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