Monday, October 15, 2007

Things are good in Patriot Nation...

Dad and mom were real happy last night, the Patriots beat Dallas, not sure what all that means.. but dad says if mom is happy, everyone is happy. If everyone is happy, then I feel happy. Warm and fuzzy puppy moments.

Last night during the game, they were talking about they not wanting to watch me hump the stuffed animals during the game so they gave me a big soup bone, they said I was moaning as I ate. Not sure what that moaning thing is, but it sure was good. It was so big I could not pick it up.

All was well until Auntie B, came by and I got a little crazy.. not too bad, at least I did not pee on the floor.. they thought it was a big deal, because Gracie ( her dog) took a cookie from dad. What is the big deal?? I will take cookies from just about everyone, even though they sometimes want me to act like a circus dog.

Life is real good in my world, being a puppy is nice.

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