Saturday, September 29, 2007

This Forced March Thing...

Every morning after it gets light or when I get into trouble, dad takes me for an hour forced march, he calls it a walk. When we do this he keeps me on a short leash and he thinks he is walking fast. We don't have time to smell rabbits, look for cat poop or chase birds just walk fast. When we get to the woods, I get to run and I get treats if he doesn't have to chase me when he wants me to come back.

Sometimes we see other folks walking dogs, I don't sniff their butts, but would much rather jump on their masters, that is way more fun. Mom has been taking me in the afternoon sometimes. They are trying real hard to get me tired, but guess what it does not work... every night I get yelled at, most of the time I get called "tedystopbeingapainintheass". Last night mom did not want to share her ice cream, so I howled, but stilll did not get any.

Life is good, kinda mundane right now, not a heck of a lot going on for me.. but mom and dad seem busier, and I get more "crate" time, but the best revenge is when they get home to act like an absolute lunatic. If you think ignoring pisses them off, acting like a lunatic when they are very tired is way better and they get ballistic.

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