Monday, September 17, 2007

Are you ready for some Football.. or why I don't like Sundays in the fall

Dad got up very early on Sunday morning, he seemed more hyper than usual, walking around saying stuff that that stupid ESPN, idiotic newspaper reporters.. he was hyper as I have ever seen him. He put on an hat that said Patriots on the front, and then put on something called his BB hoodie. Wow, did we go for a forced march.. we walked fast and furious, something about how he wanted to tire me out before a football game.

Well I did not get tired out, even though mom tried to get me tired also. I played with Andre for a while, and then played with Kathy's kids also. It started to get dark and I got crazy again, doing all the stuff that I like to do.. bite feet, look for flip flops and anything I am not supposed to do. I got put on the leash again, but I calmed down. Then crazy aunt B came over and her mean dog, Gracie. I don't understand Gracie, because everyone else loves me. I calmed down, for a while. Then Dad started and yellling at the box where "Dog Whisperer" comes from. I was tired, so I ignored him, after we went out for our last pee, dad said.. it was a good day Teddy, the Patriots kicked .ss big time tonight and then he ranted again about ESPN and all the talking heads.

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