Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Love Insomnia

One of my favorite things is when mom and dad either fall asleep on the couch and never go to bed or if they do get up very early. Couple of days last week they started their day early, one at 12:30 am and one time mom never went to bed. This is so much fun, don't have to go into that crate thing.. that means if I whine a little bit they will let me out... wohee!! So I have more time to play with feet, find stuff they left out and they keep whispering "stop it", but I make believe I cannot hear them. I sit down, look cute they laugh at me and then I raise hell again.

The only bad part is that they whine a lot and complain how tired they are.. they could just take naps all day like I do.. do not understand this human stuff that much and a dogs life is much better.

They are still having problems posting pictures on this web site, dumb humans.. well Igottago.

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