Thursday, September 20, 2007

As I turn 3 months old a few thoughts..

Today is a time of reflection and while in this pensive mood I decided to write down a few thoughts of my first three months of my life. I don't remember much before Gene and Judi took me home, but that is another story.
  • Deer poop is a great snack
  • To sit and beg at the table gets me nothing, but if I am cute I get a few scraps after
  • Humans are nice, but are big wimps, everytime I claw them they yell in pain
  • No matter how many toys they buy me, there is no greater fun than stealing something and chewing on it.
  • I get confused sometimes and think my name is dammitteddy.. teddyyourapainintheass..
  • Humping stuffed animals feels really good
  • I remember where everything is hidden, where the deer poop is and where I threw up in the yard, but always forget about biting toes and feet.
  • My favorite game is to go in the bedroom, steal some shoes, run like hell and everyone chases me.
  • When dad and I do our forced march every morning, he keeps mumbling about that Mangini, idiotic press, Belichick didn't do nothing that has not been done before
  • No matter how many forced marches we do, they can never tire me out.
  • So far my favorite people are Auntie B., Andre and Devon.. except she cries when I forget and bite her.
  • My favorite place in the car is in the car seat, everyone laughs at this.
  • If I sit and look cute, wag my tail I can get just about everything.
  • Mom is trying to teach me to play catch and fetch, so far I am humoring her, because if I am cute and look a little bit interested I get a cookie, a big smile and she pets me.
  • I love to hear adults swear, when they call me and I ignore them and walk away, wow do they get mad... this is the second most funnest thing to do right after stealing shoes.
  • If I run to the door and pee is it the same thing as going outside??
  • Yesterday I found out about eating bugs and bumblebees
  • I used to love to hop in bed with mom in the morning, but she says I stink, I think I smell pretty good..
  • Adults are basically dumb and easy to manipulate, sooner or later they will realize that I am in charge here, they do not know about the plan.....dogs rule.

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Dusty Rhodes said...

I can see who is in charge already and your Dad is losing ground in the boss department.