Monday, September 24, 2007

A fun game..

Dad says I should call Milton Bradley because I am so damned funny or maybe Zach(who makes video games) , who is about to be married, so we can raise some extra cash. Remember I blogged about Insomnia and how when Aunt B and I were playing I pooped on her bedroom floor, that is how I thought of this game. It is called driving adults absolutely crazy.

They don't let me get up with them right away any more, so I stay in the crate until about 4:30 in the morning, when they let me out they take me out to go pee. That is when the fun begins, when I come back after about ten minutes later I throw myself against the door. They, think I have to go poo.. but, not really I just want to go out and chase moths near the streetlight. After I play for a while, they bring me in. About ten minutes later I bang against the door again, and once again I get to chase moths. They bring me back in, and after ten minutes, guess what, you guessed it. I am outside, that is when they start calling me by my other name.. tedystopbeingapainintheass... after about 5 times I finally go poo.. and they get all happy and pet me and sometimes I even get a cookie.

What fools these humans are, I don't want to go in the house.. I prefer the privacy of the woods. They have not figured out the master plan yet, i.e. that I am really the one in charge.

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