Sunday, September 16, 2007

The World According to Tedy B.

Hi, my name is tedy B. and even though I am a puppy, I am entering this digital world.. it is scary but my mom an dad say they will help me. My dad says he often enters this digital world with mixed results, whatever that means. I was born on June 20, 2007 my mom was a golden retriever and my dad, well let's just say mom had some moments that we are not proud of. They wanted to name me Brady, but they thought Tedy B. would be better, and guess what some folks think I look like a Teddy Bear, it works for me cause when they call my name they give me a cookie.

When I was five weeks old my first folks dropped me off at the South County Animal Rescue League, with my brothers and sisters. They named me Pilot, not sure why but they did that.They really spoiled me there, took me for walks, and took good care of me. On August 29th, I was sleeping and they got me up and then I met Gene and Judi. All that was left was me and my really crazy sister, Spectra. Megan and the rest of the rescue league staff took good care of me. Gene and Judi seemed nice, but I was not really asked about what I wanted and they just took me home.

I don't remember riding in a car before, but on the way home mom held me in her arms and that felt good. The Rescue League also gave them a big metal thing, they call it a crate and that is where I sleep at night.

When I went to live with Gene and Judi, life got good, they give me good food and just last night got some left over tuna fish from the grill.. mmm good. I have a lot of toys to play with, and now they take me for long walks.. they say it is for them, but I think they are trying to tire me out. I will show them though, because I never get tired. They think they are the boss, but what do human's know.

I have a lot of toys, but really love flip flops, socks, toes and feet, they get mad when I bite them. They put toys in my bed at night, but don't play much there. My favorite part of the day is when I am running around the house or outside. I love to grab at stuff and sometimes I get yelled at. My new favorite thing is humping stuffed animals, great fun, not sure why but it feels good. I also like to go in the woods and look for Deer Poop. Another fun thing is when the grandkids come over, Andre and Devon. Devon pulls me all around on a leash, and I have to do it without biting her. Andre lets me have some of his old stuff.

I do not like loud noises, but I like the car much better now I sleep in the back sleep. The other day they took me for a 2 and a half hour hike, near a place called Green Falls.. I had fun, went in the water. Afterwards they were tired, but I was not, when we got home I got in trouble and had to be put on the leash again, cause I would not stop acting crazy.

Sometimes my folks watch the "Dog Whisperer" and everytime they do, they try something new they use words like "alpha", being in control and other stuff. I do what they say sometimes, but I forget a lot. If they ever buy a book about this guy, I'm gonna chew it, but I chew anything anyways. If they ever make a movie about dog whisperer I'm gonna raise hell while they watch it, they think they are smart and in control.. but they don't know nothing. Dogs rule, humans drool!!!

Sometimes in the morning dad brings me into the bedroom, my favorite place to pee, and puts me on the bed. I get to lick mom's face, bite her ear and lay on the bed, people have the right idea. I usually get into trouble in the bedroom, so dad takes me for a walk.

I have met so many people: Erika who thinks I am crazy. Auntie B. who is crazy, her dog Gracie growled at me and is not as crazy as Auntie B. Joe and Anita, whose dog Gizmo ignores me, and Troubles the cat sticks her butt out at me, but that is ok cause I smell it. Jimmy and Jean, who have a really big dog named Commanche who is nice, all I want to do is swim in their pool though. Then there are the neighbors, everybody loves me and I love to jump on them and lick their faces. Some say I have puppy breath. Dad says I am a "chick magnet", not sure what that means, but mom laughs.

This is my story, want to share it with the world and everyone to know the joy and fun of being me. Visit often and enjoy the ride or the forced marches, also known as the daily walk.

PS.. when they figure out how to add pictures, then you will see me.. until then it is this entering the digital world with mixed results stuff. And they think they are smart???

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Dusty Rhodes said...

A wonderful tale about a Pup and its ownwers. We all know Pups just play and tear things apart. They love to chew but they do not talk.
They have many devious ways to get your attention.
I am sure he is one lucky pup to have wonderful parents. that can speak for him. (can you wag your tail also).