Sunday, September 23, 2007

I think they changed my name..

When I first came home they called me "Tedy B.", but lately they have been calling me "tedystopbiting", "tedystopbeing a pain in the ass" or "tedyknock it off".. not sure what is going on, but have been feeling hyper and rather crazy lately. I have had an insatiable desire to chew anything and everything I can get my hands on, I know where every flip flop and croc is right now and I can steal it in seconds flat. I have been spending more time on the leash in the house and more time in the crate. I guess humans don't understand how much fun we can have together.

The other night dad was opening a can, tunafish he called it, I went wild; howling, rolling on the floor.. he gave me some, guess what it going to happen next time he opens a can?? I figured out how to get some, these humans are so stupid.

Auntie B moved into their old place, I don't have an old place, just a new place. Great fun, she loves to roll on the floor with me and does not get too upset if I bite her. Her dog Gracie is strange, she does not like puppy games, I lay on the floor and bark at her.. but she does not do too much except growl at me once and a while. Anyways Auntie B. and I were running around her new place last night, I got so excited I pooped on her bedroom floor. Great fun eh!!, are we going back soon??

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